Rising Power Report

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Rising Power

How Consumer Participation in Power Markets
Will Change the Electricity Business

Customer participation in power markets is already beginning and is likely to grow over the near-term.  This participation changes both the structure and operation of power markets and the demands on those who participate in those markets.

All this has produced much speculation on what future markets will be and the impact on the businesses that will be part of those markets.  This new path-breaking report provides insights that will resolve much of that speculation. The Report:

  • Explains how markets for customer participation are being created
  • Describes and compares alternative retail market designs
  • Presents over twenty business models and variations needed in future markets
  • Explains how these business models could fit into alternative market designs
  • Evaluates what will determine the success or failure of these market designs
  • Identifies the critical decisions that electric power businesses will need to make
  • Discusses how value will be created and destroyed by market changes
  • Raises many unresolved policy, regulatory and business strategy questions.

This critical report will be an essential tool for organizations seeking to develop and implement successful business models in a new and uncertain future.