Founded in 2001, Bluewave Resources, LLC provides technology assessment, market analysis, and strategic advisory services to clients seeking to successfully navigate rapid and dramatic changes at the intersection of technology and markets in the electric power industry.

The electric power industry is undergoing its most profound transformations in over a century.  Driven by unprecedented innovation, the fundamentals of the industry are changing dramatically with:

  • New and disruptive technologies,
  • New and changing regulatory mandates and market rules,
  • Rapidly shifting and uncertain resource markets,
  • Growing interdependencies and convergences,
  • Entrance of new and different types of market participants,
  • Evolving markets for electricity, energy resources and finance,
  • Globalization spreading innovations rapidly throughout the world,
  • Rising consumer expectations and capabilities, and
  • Increasing environmental demands.

These numerous, significant, and hard-to-predict changes create considerable uncertainty.  It is not at all clear what the electricity industry will look like in 5, 10 or 15 years.

The Challenges

All this raises many challenges for those involved with the electric power industry.  Who will be the players? What will their businesses be?  Which technologies will dominate? How will markets behave? What will be the drivers and impacts?

Such challenges present both great opportunities and significant risks.  Our clients have many critical decisions to make.  What should my strategy be and how can I execute that strategy? What difficulties must I overcome?  What advantages do I have?  What will my competitors do? What do I do when the unexpected happens?

Helping Clients Meet the Challenges

Bluewave provides substantive, fact-based analysis and advice for clients in the electric power industry, those that serve it, and those affected by it.

Clients have included technology and project developers, utilities, energy consumers, equipment and resource suppliers, government agencies, associations, multi-company initiatives and multilateral organizations.

About Jeff Price, Cofounder and Managing Partner

Jeff Price

Jeff Price is an expert on electric power markets and technologies. He guides all the work of Bluewave Resources. For over four decades, Jeff has focused on the economics of electric power markets and technologies as well as resource choices for the electric sector. Much of this work has centered on the development and commercialization of new technologies for electricity production, grid operation, and utilization both in the United States and globally. His recent work has been on the design of retail electric markets, distributed energy resources, business models, microgrid development, and energy resource portfolios in a changing electric power industry.

Previously, Jeff was President for 21 years of the Resource Dynamics Corporation, a business consulting firm that focused on energy technology commercialization. Jeff also was President of Competitive Electric Strategies, Inc., which implemented risk management systems for power companies.  He also served on the boards of Energy Buyers Network, LLC, which provided energy management services to large businesses, and of EFS Financial Services, Inc., which provided equipment leasing services to large industrial energy users.

Jeff has advised a wide range of clients on strategic, policy, economic, and financial issues related to electric power and energy technologies and markets.