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of Technology and Markets

New Report

Rising Power - How Consumer Participation in Power Markets Will Change the Electricity Business

Customer participation in power markets is already beginning and is likely to continue to grow.

This Report provides new insights about how those transformative changes will take place and their impacts on power markets and the business models required for those markets. The Report provides an essential tool for organizations seeking to develop and implement successful business models in a new and uncertain future.

Technology Planning

Technology Planning

The pace of innovation in the electric power and energy industries is accelerating. New technologies are challenging the long-established infrastructure in virtually every

Market Analysis

Understanding the markets for both technologies and energy commodities and how these markets fit together is critical to success. Whether developing a project, launching a new technology,

strategic advice

Strategic Advice

Organizations involved in energy and electric power markets face a rapidly changing and uncertain business environment. Yet, they must execute robust strategies to prosper in this

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Founded in 2001, Bluewave Resources, LLC provides technology assessment, market analysis, and strategic advisory services to clients seeking to successfully navigate rapid and dramatic changes at the intersection of technology and markets in the electric power industry. The electric power

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